For Young Adults

Uncertainty over the future is a major concern for many of us young adults, as we continuously transit across different life stages; from a student to a working adult, from job to job as we find our path, from singlehood to marriage and parenthood, while at the same time dealing with the expectations and demands from our parents and the society.

Rediscovery and Career Exploration are two of our programmes developed to provide a conversational platform for young adults to explore questions and issues related to their career development and self care. The hands-on and experiential activities provide a safe space for serious play as we have a meaningful conversation with ourselves and one another.


1. ReDiscovery

Is it possible to balance work and life?

What is self-care, and do you put your self-care plan into action?

We invite you to find the answers to these questions through a series of experiential exercises and activities such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, body scans, and empathy conversations, where you get to explore and unlock individual & group insights on connection with self and connection with others.

In this safe space, you will be able to:

Explore mental wellness in a workplace setting

Lean into yourself and onto others

Seed actionable steps for individual well-being

2. Career Exploration

  • Do you really know yourself, and your strengths?
  • What thoughts do you have when challenges come up in your career and life?
  • How do you view opportunities?
  • Are you at a crossroad now? What is (really) stopping you?

We invite you to answer these questions in an experiential serious play session. Unlock inner wisdom through stories & experience and practice empathy while having fun.

Career Exploration

In this workshop, you are empowered through serious play to:

Uncover your hidden thoughts & potential

Gain insights from others’ perspectives and stories

Initiate your exploration of possibilities

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