For You and All

In the last decade and a half, digital communications has advanced exponentially; from PDA phones and 3G to smart phones and 5G, from the emergence of social media platforms to concerns of these platforms on wellness. While we enjoy the benefits and conveniences of modern technological tools and platforms, are we really more connected?

These public sessions are Ubuntu Space’s commitment in curating meaningful and safe conversations for the wider community and with the community. These sessions aim to hold space for individuals to explore their inner self, to tap into their own experiences and wisdom, and to connect more within themselves and with others.

If you are interested to co-organise or co-host any of these sessions, do get in touch with us.


1. Present

“Dare to rest, so you may rise and shine”

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to rest?

As we continue in 2023, gift yourself the present of pausing, reflecting through play, and seeding actionable changes for your well-being in the new year ahead.

2. #Communityconnection

Communityconnection is Ubuntu Space’s commitment to hold space for important and real conversations that our society needs.

Know-ing | 明知道 is a series of conversations around sensitive issues and topics.

Mental Health Conversations X LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is held regularly for individuals to come together to share lived experiences and stories of mental health challenges in a shared safe space.

Community connection

3. Space

A safe space to explore intra and interpersonal growth through facilitated conversations. 

This is an invitation for you to come forward with a difficult topic that you and your friends have been wanting to talk about but haven’t been able to.

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