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At The Ubuntu Space, we believe we are all interconnected in the most beautiful ways. Untold stories and unsaid words keep us apart. Whereas, unfiltered stories of joy, struggles, and perspectives bring us closer inwards and outwards.


The Ubuntu Space bridges you to your personal growth and organisation’s outcomes by unlocking the potential of individuals, and removes barriers in collective work.


We create a harmonious space to ease communication barriers for people to better connect with each other to help them in self development and team awareness. We are creators of playful experience and authentic space.



We bring experiential programmes, designed with a blend of different modalities, to organisations, groups and individuals of differing profiles and needs. The core of our programmes serve to create a safe environment for people to connect and converse, to explore and contemplate, and to imagine and act.


The experiences we design are: 

  • Highly experiential
  • Suitable to meet a range of personal and organisation development goals through play and focus on humans
  • Leveraging better communication
  • Making a safe environment accessible to more people

Upcoming Programmes




What is Home to you?

As we celebrate National Day, let us also reflect on what home means to us. 


Hear stories from fellow participants through LEGO blocks and connect with each other to form new relationships. 


Grow our home and ourselves!

2PM - 5:30PM

A Present from me to me

“Dare to rest, so you may rise and shine”

As we continue in 2023 amidst these turbulent times, we invite you to:

  • Pause through a mindfulness tea ritual
  • Reflect on your year thus far and connect within through play
  • Seed actionable steps for your well-being for the remaining of the year

trial session of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methodology


Experience a starter conversation based on the LEGO Serious Play methodology.

During the session, you will experience building LEGO models in response to specific questions posed, and hear stories & thoughts from one another.

Mid - August 2023

Some organisations that we have worked with

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